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In this article you’ll find a couple answers to the questions that I am frequently being asked.

“Who is the girl in this photo /Post/………….. ?”

You will always find the Instagram username of the girl below the picture. If there is no username, that’s because I reblogged the pic and therefore I don’t always know who she is.

“Where do you get your pictures from ?”

The pictures that I post come from twitter and instagram mostly. The girls in the pics are usually video models, and aslo some anons or fashion bloggers.

How do i get a body/bum like these girls ?

That is a tough one! And I am no diet expert but here are three blogs that could help you: is a blog written by a fitness trainer who is kinda popular here on tumblr, her body is really amazing : @HoneyLoveNic. her blog is dedicated to fitness, you’ll find some workoutout tips to stay in shape. is blog owned by Miss Joie, a video model (and the mother of Bow Wow’s child).  She has started her blog after giving birth to her daughter and she explains how she got her body back in shape and lost her pregnancy weight, which I believe was really important for her and her career. She blogs about food and workouts mostly. You can even ask her questions related to fitness and dieting, she’ll answer and give you personalized tips! : This blog is owned by the creator of the blog, Her name is Amy and she loves the gym! If you want food and workout tips, her blog can help you, especially in the long answers she gives when she replies to questions. A part of her blog is also dedicated to what she eats to stay fit.

Will you promo my blog ?

I don’t do promos, it’s not the purpose of the blog. The only promo I can do is through picture submission, you can submit your pic and add your url under it.

Where can I submit a pic:

Check my blog out ?


Can I get a follow back ?

Only if I like your blog & want to see your posts in my dash.

“Who’s the girl in your icon ?”

it’s @Yaris_Sanchez, she’s a model/radio host

“where are you from ?”

I’m from France (but I also speak english and some portuguese)

I hope this helps! xoxo